Monday, January 13, 2014

Sicky Grumpy Rant

This weekend my inlaws came to visit,  Master's dad and step mom.  While they are lovely people and I very much enjoy seeing them, me getting sick at the same time did not lend to the ease of cooking and cleaning for extra people.   I have had zero energy all weekend, and have still been cooking two or three meals a day, and washing up.   

Sunday was Master's birthday, and my schedule was sex, make blueberry pancakes and sausages, serve breakfast, wash dishes, clean the kitchen, then some people came to buy sheep, so I sorted the sheep out that they wanted and loaded them in the trailer with my good dog Hank.  Master helped with that also. 

Selling the sheep was a big deal for me, as part of that money is going to go toward buying tickets for Twisted Tryst this year.  

While we were outside one or two of the dogs, maybe Sprite or Pepper, ate a bunch of grapes that were on the table.  I didn't think too much about it, cleaned up the stems and went on.  Totally forgetting to mention it to Master until today.  Well, grapes are possibly toxic to dogs, and not mentioning it to him has landed me in big fat trouble with him.  Now there is nothing to do but wait and see if she/they are ok.   I feel like a stupid ass, but I can't go back and redo yesterday now. 

After the sheep deal, I was fully exhausted, and dizzy, what with being sick.  I asked Master if I could stay home from the movie.
We (inlaws, kids, Mystique, Master) were going to see the Hobbit but he said if I did I would have to spend the whole time cleaning the house (possible buyers are coming to look at it today).   Plus, he really wanted me to come with them, so of course I did, that being not much of a choice.  

The movie was good, and I managed to stay awake thanks to a large iced tea.  Mystique was treating us.  I sat by her and we held hands during the show (me feeling slightly naughty for this).   And no, Master's relatives do not know about our relationship.   

After that, we had dinner and birthday cake and ice cream, and I never did clean the house except for a little vacuuming, so now that is left to do today.  I still feel like utter crap, Master is mad and we are both worried, and we are using up our only free day of the week together on this cleaning and being unhappy.

So, there is my rant.  Not all sunshine and roses here today.  


  1. January sucks. It really does. Being sick makes everything worse too!

    I hope that your day gets better, and if it doesn't, I hope everything gets better very soon!

    1. Thanks lil, it is getting better. See comment :) below.

  2. Sorry to hear your not feeling too well, and what with everything else you got going on probably isnt helping...but priority is you getting better.


    1. Unfortunately, as in too many cases in life, priority goes to getting shit done, long as I'm still upright.

      The day did get better though. I still have no energy and a pounding head, but at least Master and I are good again. We both cleaned house together, a little time was left for beating and fucking me, then we went out to lunch and did errands. Perhaps I'll write the rest out soon. Anyway, it was better than this morning.

  3. Sucks to be sick and especially when you have in-laws and selling a house to deal with as well ... holding hands with Mystique sounded oh-so-hot though ;) ava x


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