Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quickie Before Bed

Master got home really late last night.  He had things going on at work which made him stay late so I was very glad that he drove home at all.  The kids had already gone to bed.   I warmed up his dinner when I saw his headlights coming, then as he ate I brought his slippers from upstairs.  He had me put them on his feet as I knelt on the floor.   I washed up the dishes and we chatted for a while.    He answered some of his messages while I rubbed his back and did some acupressure on his sore shoulder.  It seemed to help. 

We went upstairs and I waited for him on the floor of our room, as always.   When he came in he told me to get in bed.   He rolled on top of me and asked what I wanted.   My answer, of course, was, as he requires "What ever you want, Master".   He asked again what I really wanted.  I knew I should have an answer, but all I could think of was to give him what he wanted.  "What ever you want, Master" I repeated.   

He tried to slip his cock into me, but I was perfectly dry.   He forcefully rolled me over and spanked me hard with his hand, then tried again, but it was not much better.  He rolled me over again for more spanking.  Still I wasn't all that wet and it wasn't going to be comfortable for him, even less so for me.   Then as I lay on my back he raised my legs in the air, both of them in his one hand, and spanked me really hard in that most sensitive of positions.    I could feel my twat getting wet.  He told me to come as he entered me this time, and there was a big squirt with my orgasm (my side of the bed dampened for once!).     

He slapped my face a bunch, made me come more times, then he was done and ready for sleep.  It was so cozy cuddling up next to him that I was asleep almost instantly.   I barely noticed lying in the damp spot.


  1. Still learning to get wet instantly. not an easy task. keep on tryin
    i do love that cozy cuddling feeling

    1. Pain really does it for me, but sometimes it helps to imagine sexy things too. Last night I was sitting in his lap and he just barely tapped my cheek in a slightly slap and I was soaking wet. It is the feeling of being dominated, also.

  2. I haven't been spanked in the diaper position. Do you like it? Glad you had lots of good fun. I always get the wet spot lol!

    1. It seems more painful in that position- I think because of the way my legs and skin are stretched up. Yes, I like it a lot, it makes me squirm.


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