Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dom Questions

Sin, from Finding My Submission, invited all the Dominants out there in blogland to participate in answering her questions.   What is he thinking, many of us have wondered to ourselves, many times.  

 Haven't we?

The first one is "What does your submissive's submission mean to you?"  I assume this means slaves too. 

I asked my Master the question, and he said "It means I'm in charge of everything, now go make me tea and a sandwich".   While I was doing that I asked him to expand his ideas beyond a few words, and he said "Go reread Adam's Task by Vickie Hearne and everywhere she says 'dog' substitute in the word 'slave'."

So in thumbing through my copies of this book I come across this:

Koehler holds...that getting absolute obedience from a dog slave-and he means absolute obedience- confers nobility, character and dignity on the dog slave.

I asked Master if this is what he wanted me to say, and he said yes.   

Another passage of relevance:

The trainer (Master) has occasion to be aware, as few people are, that human authority is corrupt to the core, and that any trope of ascendency- and especially the trope of nobility- stinks of the immodest, the self righteous and the sadistic.  Yet the trainer (Master) must get on with training the dog slave.

In being able to command and be obeyed, in having the right to command, to demand absolute obedience, in return for that right, there is a huge responsibility.   This responsibility demands that the trainer (Master/Owner) is coming from a place of 

...something like reverence, humility and obedience
says Ms. Hearne. 

Does she mean obedience to a dog slave?  No, she does not, not exactly.  She means seeing and recognizing what is really there, not what the trainer (Master) would like to imagine is there.    Obedience to seeing the truth of the slave that he owns, the real situation and feelings and thoughts, not some fantasy or imagined version of such.   Hearne puts it as:

"We can command only whom and what we can hear and respond to".   
After writing this, I asked him again "Is this what you wanted me to get out of the book?" and he said "Yes, exactly".   


  1. gosh. yes. This is what's so powerful for me when I'm submitting - he SEES me, he REALLY sees me!

    1. It is such an overwhelming feeling, powerful and humbling, I think.

  2. ancilla,
    Following your link from the discussion on IE and EE, I have to say: While I neither approve or disprove of your Master's thinking; in retrospect there are some highly trained dogs I would have preferred owning compared (again in retrospect) to some of the slaves I have owned.


    1. I much prefer to live with a well trained dog than an unruly one too. A little effort in the beginning goes a long way. Also, putting some time into finding the RIGHT dog personality, rather than just picking one for its cuteness, helps.

      As far as Master's thinking on this, I was a bit surprised by how he had me figure it out through reading that book again. But it does make sense for us.


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