Monday, January 27, 2014


We met another couple today in person today, after talking to them on the internet (Fetlife) for a while.  We met at Starbucks, and it is funny how you can recognize the ones who are looking for you when none of you has ever seen each other's face pictures before. 

  I was nervous at first, of course, I always am, but it ended up being a really good time, laughing together about this and that, and discussing anything and everything with them.   Not really caring if people at the other tables were listening in or not!    

I did blush a few times, but I didn't have to hide under the table or anything.     They are just beginning to convert a long time marriage into a D/s relationship, and have many of the same fears and doubts that we did in the beginning.    I think he (Dom) especially appreciated being able to talk these things over with my Master.  At least it seemed that way to me. 


  1. Oh how i love meeting like-minded people! Sounds like you had a blast :) ava x


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