Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Tale of Two Chocolates

Last week I bought a bar of that Ghiradelli fancy dark chocolate with the raspberry filling which is so delicious.  I meant to share it with my Master, but for several nights in a row he wasn't feeling like eating dessert, so I'd have just a little tiny square without him.   Then Monday night he asked for his chocolate that I'd been "saving" him.   I gulped, and admitted that I'd just eaten the last of the bar that day.    Of course he would not let me forget about that.  

Tuesday I bought TWO bars when I was at the store and said now he had a whole one for himself that I wouldn't eat.  He said I meant that now he had TWO bars for himself.   Then he went off to work, will be gone for three days, and that chocolate is all sitting here staring at me.  I should have stuck it in his suitcase.  


  1. OMG, those are so good, i bought a bag of the mini squares once, and accidentally killed the whole thing during a late night of homework.

    i'd hide those things, they wouldn't last the rest of the day in my house, lol.

  2. He later said I could share them, but now I feel guilty about eating any of them, plus I don't really trust myself to start one and not finish it by the time he gets home!

  3. I thought of this post when I was out shopping earlier. They had bars of chocolate on special offer and picked a bar up, thought of this post and I almost picked a second one up in case I ate all of the first one! I'm currently pretending it doesn't exist until Mr Hyde gets home from work.

  4. Ahh, the sirens song of chocolate...

    Don't tell anyone, it's a secret, but I would do almost anything if offered chocolate."Get in the car little girl, I'll give you chocolate".

    "Sure thing Mister".

    Try the Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt. Mmmmmmm.

  5. You know he's totally tempting you to make the same mistake!!!

    Good luck…I hope he comes back soon and that there is still enough chocolate to meet his … expectations.


    1. Well, so far it has been a successful resistance of temptation. I made some brownies yesterday too, and had to buy more different kinds of chocolate for that. I bought more that I could use! Now there is chocolate chocolate everywhere. Over compensation, much?


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