Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fucked Happy

Post house cleaning and pre-lunch time yesterday,  Master told me he needed me upstairs to move the stocks under the bed.  I had kind of hidden them behind a dresser for the visit from relatives (they had to be removed from the guest room), but they were still visible, it just wasn't obvious exactly what it was (spanking bench with stocks, all taken apart).  It could have been any sort of project, really. 

However, my sad and unsuspecting mood began to turn as soon as I arrived upstairs.  He told me we'd both feel a lot better if he gave me a spanking.   I dropped my pants and turned away from him, bending slightly.  He whacked me HARD with the leather pig slapper.   I moaned.  That really hurt.  A few more hard whacks, then he eased up and began a steady rain of lighter blows.   He pushed me to my knees and had me suck him while he kept up the beating.   

Soon he stopped me, tied my hands together and pushed me on to my back.  He took me roughly and fucked me hard, slapping my face repeatedly, making me come and sob, and sob and come.  It felt brutal, but just what I needed.   By the time he finished, with me on my stomach on the carpet, him violently thrusting into me from behind,  my previous mood had lifted.  

After a quick shower we headed off to a nice lunch of Japanese food, then some errands, which was a fun time.   I felt much more energized after the good lunch.   On the way back home we both started getting a bit frisky again.  He started telling me a story, semi autobiographical, of a woman who decides she wants to be submissive to her husband and get into spankings and things of that sort.  She ends up naked in the yard beaten raw with birch switches.  The story was getting me excited again, tingling my bits.  I asked if he might like to beat me until I cried.   

He said, "I could make you cry, all right, but it wouldn't be in a good way".  

Ulp.   I didn't say anything.  He knows exactly which tender feeling buttons to push to make that happen without involving physical pain.  I didn't want to cry that way.

However, when we got in the house he grabbed the "cutting board" with the handle and smacked the heck out of my butt.  It is still sore today.  Bending me over the counter he fucked me again, and it was sooo good.  My pants, pulled down to my knees, were soaked. 

 After that interlude I made his tea and we settled on the couch to watch some Breaking Bad.  Periodically he'd pull me over his lap for more spankings, or shove his fingers deep into my cunt.   When they came out bloody he asked if I were sore, but I wasn't.   Not on my period either, so I'm not sure what that was from. 

After one episode of the show he told me he was going to watch porn while I sucked him.   He put some on the laptop and I went to work, his cock banging the back of my (sore) throat.   I enjoyed pleasing him for a good long time, until he allowed me to get the vibrator and use it as he fucked me.  I was on top.   He made me wait to come for several eternities, but when he finally gave the command, the orgasms went on and on for minutes, one after another, never really letting up.   A few more times, he told me to come, and it started to get painful on my clit so I tried to lift up off the vibrator and in the process, off of him.  He jerked me back down again, commanding me to ride him, holding my collar tight in his hand so I couldn't budge.   I did as he said, and soon the pain went back to pleasure, and he told me to come again.  When he came, he told me to turn off the Magic Wand and I collapsed on his chest in exhaustion.  

Fucking can't cure a cold, so I'm still sick today.  He's let me off all but the most urgent of my duties for the day if I don't feel up to them, so I can get some rest. 

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