Friday, January 3, 2014

Little dogs make good blankets

It's cold here, stupidly cold.  And it is getting colder.  It certainly gives some excitement to life when any exposed skin could freeze in 10 minutes.  It was -18F here last night.  So, anyway, my New Year's Resolution to spend more time outside (hahahahhaha!) has already been broken.  I should have made it a spring resolution. 

Yesterday I went out to water the sheep, as one must do, and since I have to disconnect the hose each time and drain it, I hooked it up, and it was not completely screwed in. When I turned on the water the nozzle sprayed a fine mist over everything- my face, my coat, my gloves, my glasses. The mist instantly froze so I was covered with a sheet of ice.

Yeah, winter is awesome.

We're having our local munch group Christmas party on Saturday, and then a few friends are coming over to spend the night after that.  The kids will be gone on a sleepover with their friends, so who knows what we'll do??   Hopefully some fun stuff! 

The one good thing about cold weather is snuggling on the couch.  Last night we went over to Mystique's house (just me and the kids, Master is out of town until tonight).  She made dinner for us, and then we cuddled on the couch under a pile of dogs.  Little dogs make good blankets. 


  1. Stay safe. Stupid cold is an apt word for these temps!!!


  2. Wanna trade some of that weather? Between us we could make some tolerable days :)

  3. I know, MP. I was thinking how weird it is that there could be about 120 degree difference in temps from where I am to where you are. My duck water froze today, even though it is IN the coop, in a heated bucket, and with a heat lamp near by. Still the top froze. The only way I could thaw it was to bring in the house and run hot water over it. Which was really gross, if you have ever been up close to duck water. Anyway, my wonderful Master cleaned up the mess I made after I took the bucket outside.


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