Sunday, September 14, 2014

#132 On Things Not To Say To Your Master

While claiming a pillow from the middle of a just-wrecked bed: 

"This one is my pillow.  I don't know where yours went." 

Obviously, all the pillows are his pillows. 


  1. I had a moment today. Don't know what I was thinking but we were getting ready to work out and I said something to the effect of "you aren't going to leave the TV on this are you?" (meaning some kind of football talk show)

    Yep...don't say that!

  2. lol, this reminded me of when i first moved in with Master and he gave me free reign to decorate as i liked (apart from his study and the dungeon) he come home one day, the bedroom had just been finished, i had gone overboard with pillows and cushions for the bed, i walked in and he just started throwing them at me.....muttering about being de masculined lmao


    1. LOL I've always had to balance out the house with "not too girly", not that I'm an extremely girly decorator (I could never stand a pink room) but he thinks of too much craft/basket or flowery stuff that way and told me not to make our house look like my (single) friend's house with all the country crafty type stuff around. Currently the house is in a bare minimum of decor, but when I had a lot of knick knacks around I made sure that some of them were ones that he liked, nothing too girly. We've never had more than two pillows on our bed. The guest room right now has a flower comforter and a LOT of pillows, so that is an exception, but it's not where he spends any time.

  3. LMAOOO!! We have that conversation as well from time to time…and sadly, he just reaches over and snatches the pillow…frequently with some seriously hard thwaps of the pillow on it's way to under his head!



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