Wednesday, September 17, 2014


My Chores


Scoop dog poop from the yard
Get in the mail
Make the bed
Make dinner/breakfast/other meals as needed, serve meals
Wash dishes
Keep the house clean (which things I do which day are mostly up to me, as long as I'm getting it done)
Errands, there are usually one or two per day that involve driving places and/or phone calls
Make tea, serve tea

Assigned Day Chores:

Clean the fridge
Plan meals for the week
Grocery shopping

Wash all sheets, remake beds
Work dog

Take the big trash can out to the road

Work dog

There is nothing assigned for Monday specifically, and Friday is light, so those are now usually my big cleaning days, when I tackle a project.  

The bathrooms get cleaned at least briefly every day.   I also sweep/vacuum/dust/pick up items around the house almost every day too.

There is nothing assigned for Saturday or Sunday as I typically spend those days serving Master, or we do something all together.   The cleaning, cooking, dish washing and laundry goes on then regardless, though.  

Punishments for not doing chores:  Varies from some to none depending on Master's whims and the reasons for not having them done.   


  1. Do you wait on your children hand and foot too? Do they have to be responsible for any chores?

    1. This is about her chores, not her childrens'.

  2. The kids do have chores, sure. They think I'm a big old meanie for making them pick up stuff, in fact. They help me in the garden. The older one sometimes mows the lawn. This blog really isn't about that.


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