Monday, September 8, 2014

Book book book!!!

Yesterday I received a happy surprise in my inbox.  No, it wasn't a penis.  Not that inbox.

A book of essays to which I contributed has just come out.   I've started reading it and am really enjoying all the different points of view represented, with each section having representations of different M/s relationship styles from Leather to Gorean, to Fealty, and others.
It is non fiction, so my little part is about Master and me, about us and our lives, and the Roman style slavery that influences his views.   Master helped me write it, so a lot of the ideas are his.  

The name of the book is Paradigms of Power, Styles of Master/slave Relationships, by Raven Kaldera.

You can buy one here:

Even though I got a free PDF version for my contribution, I'm buying a paper copy with Master's permission.  I just love real books that I can hold in my hands.   Besides, I think RavenK is awesome, Master does too, and we want to lend our support.  He's one of the best and wisest advice givers on M/s relationships that I know.   He and his slave Joshua just won a leather title in the Northeast, and though I'm not that into such things, I think they will do an excellent job of education where ever they go.  I'm hoping they will come to our area someday so we can meet them.


  1. Yea!!! Congrats. That is pretty darn huge- your words in print! I'm heading on over to buy my copy :-)


  2. WOW...congrats that is a major accomplishment...when i get back home i will add one to my library.
    hugs abby

  3. That is awesome! Congrats,hon! I saved the link and will buy a copy soon! :)


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