Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Hamster Wheel I Call My Brain

I have a fun little story.  Because I'm bored and don't feel like dusting.  

So Master has this new ritual I mentioned before, where I'm supposed to tell him every night how he could do better, how he could be a better Master.  I have this awesome license and opportunity for grievances.  And a huge responsibility, because what if I tell him something and I'm wrong?  
However, there is one huge but, and not just on my seat.  But what if he doesn't like my feedback/ideas?  Then what?

This time I said "The rules seem awfully lax and wobbly this weekend, and it is giving me anxiety".  

And he said "This better not be about the damn salad again."  

Ok, it actually was going to be about the salad, but I quickly thought of another example and told him that instead.  And he said the rules were relaxed because he thought I looked sick, and he was sick, and the kids were sick, (he didn't feel like having salad anyway), and I better just deal with some floppy rules relaxation and lack of orders/follow through sometimes because that is life. 

And quit worrying about the stupid salad.  

Ok, so I put salad completely out of my mind and went to sleep, only to wake up at 5:00 am, before his alarm went off, worrying about salad making and whether I was supposed to be a mind reader now.

   Again I reminded myself that beating me up is his job, and I'm not allowed to do it, even internally, and I put salad out of my mind again.   Completely.  So completely that I'll probably forget to make it again.  

Seriously though.  "Make salad every night for a first course."  How hard is that to follow, remember and do?  Should be easy, right?   I'm going to get off my hamster wheel once again now and just enjoy this nice sunny day.  


  1. What;'s with the salad? What did I miss?

    1. There is no deal with salad, didn't you read?

      Ok, just kidding. I suppose I have to explain. It's a new rule, that there has to be salad before every dinner. So Sunday night, I was out of his favorite dressing, and asked if I could use a different one, which was fine. Then I got busy with making cookies, etc, making dinner and totally forgot the salad. I served up the soup, ate my soup, went to do other things, no more word about anything. Then when I said later "I'm sorry I forgot your salad", he said "Don't worry about it, I didn't want salad anyway". Which should be fine, right? No. Not in my brain. My brain says, I thought this was a rule? It's not a rule? Sometimes I don't have to do it? Only I don't know which times those are? He thinks I'm crazy. I think he's confusing.

    2. Oh. Welcome to my world. Only take your salad mistake and add every other single request he's ever made and then multiply the indifference from one meal to every day for a few months.

      Or, you know, something like that maybe. I'm sure I'm exaggerating. Drama queen, donchaknow.

    3. Bleah. I guess the only thing to do is always make salad, which is what I was supposed to do anyway. And if I forget, don't sweat it. I'm not easy going enough for this. I thought I was easy going?

    4. I don't know. Get back to me when you find out. :)

  2. You could just ask for a spanking if that's what you really want. lol

    1. Why didn't I think of that? Smart ass. I think I will. I'll tell you if it makes me feel better.

  3. She thinks that if she forgets something I really want I won't ask her for it. Silly slave.


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