Thursday, September 4, 2014

Afternoon off work for Master

I was still cleaning the house when Master got home yesterday. 

But at least I was naked.

He tied me up, including my arms, then started straight off with the belt.  Then the little whip.  He left a few fresh marks on me with that where it broke skin.   I don't even know what all happened next and next after that.   It went on for a long time and I was pretty much in subspace for a lot of it.  There was a lot of the misery stick, but even worse than that was the window blind rod.  That thing really hurts, with its corners!

He took a leather strap and cinched it up tight on my neck, using it to direct me up or down, choking me just a little as I sucked on his cock or while he was fucking me.

After much beating, he told me he was going to keep going until I begged to suck him off.  That gave my brain a double spin, because what should I do?  What did he want me to do?    Beg now, or beg later?  Which was better?  I decided to put it off a bit, and see what happened.  A while and several implements later he hit my cunt hard with the single tail and the begging just popped out "Please can I suck you off now, Master?" He hit me a few more times with the whip and then let me get on my knees.  

In the end he fucked me and we collapsed on a heap on the bedroom floor.    I guess I made the right choice because he seemed very pleased. 

I was just reading this little essay called "Don't give me choices".  But my Master is one who takes choice-making to the level of mind fuck for me.   All the time.   It does me absolutely no good at all to tell him that, because he does what he wants!


  1. I sometimes get choices....Master then adapts them to suit Him....LOL.
    hugs abby

  2. Sir gives me those kind of choices, the mind fuck kind. I love to hate them!


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