Saturday, September 6, 2014

Deer Drive

Master volunteered me and the kids to go help a neighbor with their deer drive this morning.  What's that?  Well, they have a deer farm and are expanding it, but the DNR is very particular on this stuff. So the wild deer all have to be driven out of the woods before the tame deer can be enclosed there.   They had all but 500 feet of the 12 foot high fence complete around a hundred acre wood (I was wondering if Pooh bear lived there too), and they got about 70   friends and relatives to walk slowly across it, driving all the deer out of the opening.   This sounds like a lovely walk in the woods, until you're dealing with swamp, over foot of water in places, and many, many hungry mosquitoes, and a line that marches very slowly and has to stay organized.   It took us an hour and a half to finish the drive, then we had to put up the last section of fence to keep the deer from just running back in.  The fence guys were supposed to do it but they were late.   We did get a ride back to the farm in the hay wagon, and also a very fine lunch out of it.   Master was at work, so he missed the whole thing.  

Now we have a munch to go to, dinner out, and then guests coming to stay overnight from the group, so I have been running around like crazy trying to get ready.  Mostly I was ready, but there is always the last minute clean up.  I'm pretty worn out though and needed to sit with my tea for a few minutes here. 

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