Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend of Ups and Downs and Ups

This was a weekend of serious ups and downs, and I've been resisting writing anything more than a couple of very small segments.   But here goes to try to do a summary.

Saturday morning Master worked.  I'd felt ill Friday night so he didn't wake me up to make breakfast for him.  I slept until he was almost out the door, when he woke me up to have sex for like two minutes.  
  Then when I let the dogs out in the yard, some of the dogs got in a massive brawl and I injured my thumb trying to break them up.   Some of you who own pets may have had to break up a dog fight, but it really gets bad when the whole pack all joins in. 

 Two of the males started it, then another jumped in, then there are the girls that are "helping" by diving in and taking bites of who ever's hindquarters they can grab.   So first I have to round up all the bitches, and put them in the house.  Meanwhile, the fight is raging all around the yard.   Then I grab the least involved male (Dodge, who is not much of a fighter) and put him inside.  The last two are really locked on, so I break them up with a snow shovel.   I have Ben by the collar and am trying to put him in the house when Taz piles into him again.  This is the same way I got scars all over my hand years ago (different dogs) so I let go of Ben's collar before Taz can get my hand.   I bonk them over the head with the plastic shovel until they let go of each other.  I grab Taz this time and toss him in the dog yard, which he can get out of because Pepper keeps digging holes, but I immediately hustle Ben into the house and put him in a crate before Taz remembers there were holes.  

After all this I had a massive emotional breakdown and spent who knows how long crying in my bed, hating life, dogs, myself and everything.  Finally I pull it together, wishing I'd never gotten half those stupid dogs, and take the kids to the library.  I didn't eat lunch, so by the time we got home I was hungry and miserable.   Mystique and her submissive, hasufel, were already waiting for us when we got home.  Hasufel was going to help Master with some jobs around the farm, but Master wasn't home yet and I didn't know why, because it was 2 hours after his work supposedly ended. 

 Turns out there was a message I didn't see, that someone had come in at the last minute so he stayed late.  

 I ate, then we went for a walk around the pasture, and our friends, plus the antics of the little dogs perked me up quite a bit.  They are so funny bouncing through the tall grass.  Imagine dogs that are less than a foot tall and grass that is three feet tall.

  Master got home a bit later, and Mystique and I watched the two men chop down trees with the chainsaw.  Hasufel dragged them out of the pasture.  I bet he's sore today- the trees were not that small!   Mystique joked about getting out a whip to help motivate him, but it wasn't really needed.   It would have been fun though, if there hadn't been kids around!

They had to leave before dinner, but I cooked something, and our littlest kid started feeling ill since we got home.  He started throwing up and missed the bathroom.  So I cleaned up the living room carpet.  After dinner Master started barfing.  It wasn't the food though, as I ate the same thing and was just fine.  Nobody got much sleep.  I told Master that night I felt my life was pointless.  I was so unhappy.  I didn't feel like I pleased him anymore.

 In the morning I was perfectly miserable, emotionally quite depressed, worried about the kid.  Master felt all better and wanted biscuits, so while I cooked them he ran to the store to get Ginger ale and medicine for the kid who was still constantly cough/barfing.   That was when he picked up the flowers for me, which made all the emotion leak out of my eyes at how sweet he was.  I do love getting flowers.  Screw the thorns.  Heh. Not literally though because that would hurt.  He did say that I'd probably like to have flowers shoved up my ass. 

The kid finally was able to sleep after the medicine took care of his cough (a bloody miracle- those don't usually do much).   I did laundry as the towels and everything were all gross.

When I finished folding clothes Master was waiting in bed for me. 

 He had me lock the door, strip off my clothes and he tied ropes around my body.  He then had me give him a full body massage while he played on the computer game in bed.  No, it really is not all about me.  Nor is it so much a life of glamour being a slave. 

Then I sucked his cock for a good long time while he hit me with a cane.  At first it hurt bad, so all I could think of was how I wanted out of there, to be somewhere else, and I concentrated on not moving and not biting (!) but just not sucking at sucking.   Then it started to feel good as I went into subspace.   I missed his signal to orgasm the first two times, until he gave it louder right beside my ear, then he broke through my spaciness enough that I could come.

He had me put the butt plug in, and fucked me, and let me use the vibrator to more orgasms.  He put his hand over my mouth and nose and made me wait to breathe.  I love it when he controls me that way.  It is so hot.  It's one of my favorite things.   He slapped and punched and fucked me to near oblivion.   

Then he came and we snuggled up.  There was only one pillow in evidence, which was when I made the comment about it being mine. He gave me such a look!  :)    Naughty slave.  ;)

I spent the rest of the day with a greatly improved mood.   I'm such a freaking endorphin junkie.  


  1. It really does become like a drug that we get addicted to. I wonder if they know that when all of this gets started. It doesn't seem to affect them the same way.

    I'm sorry you had the plague at your house but I hope everyone is feeling better. And yay for flowers! I love getting flowers, too. :)

  2. I call 'em 'chemistry sets'. Messy, sloppy, unpredictable, out-of-whack chemistry sets. Just about the time you think you've gotten everything in balance, this or that hormone goes off and there's a puddle of tears or a snitty little mood or a strange silence.

    Then you've got to 'get in there' and get their attention!


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