Saturday, September 20, 2014

And Good Night

The whole orgasm restriction thing worked well for his purposes. 

This is where it started:
  It was hard the first couple days, but I resisted all urges, and then I lost interest in masturbating completely.  I was only coming for Master on command, if he chose to give me one.   After something like a week I asked if I were still restricted, and he told me since I had been good I could go back to my normal once a day orgasm allowance.  

But I really didn't feel like it the next day.  Then when I tried using the Hitachi the next day after that I couldn't come and lost interest in trying after a few minutes.  I think it had a lot to do with the restriction having been in place, but also it didn't help that I was feeling slightly under the weather from a cold.  I managed to get most of my chores done most of the days, and a few extra things, like fixing the holes the dogs were digging in the yard (a perpetual task- dogs love to dig).   But Thursday I forgot two things and messed up a third.  Master forgave me without punishment, knowing how tired I was.

Friday, I FINALLY felt back to normal, finished all my tasks, and cleaned the house.  Master had promised to beat me if I was good (masochist reward system?).    

One kid was off to an evening birthday party, and the other was also busy, so we had several hours to eat dinner and then play. 

First he had me sit at his feet in the kitchen and give him a foot rub, which I do frequently.   He said to me "Everyone ought to have a slave to rub their feet!"

Then we moved upstairs and he ordered me onto the bed.  I lay face down as he took my wrists and strapped them to the headboard.   It occurred to me, not for the first time, to think back 13 years to how we had picked out this bed frame for its bondage potential.  And that is when we were vanilla (ok, vanilla-ish!).  

He gave me one of those awesome canings that has me bucking and swaying to the music, while attempting to hump the bedsheets from sheer desire.   He made me wait a good long while before allowing me to come.   

I was sucking him when the song "Brown Eyed Girl" came on the radio and guess what it made him think of?  My one brown eye (blush).  

He tried to dive straight into my ass without lube or preparation, and ow, just ow.  Then he realized the time and we had to stop.  It was time for me to go pick up the kid.   Fun times end too soon sometimes.  

I was all subspaced, I suppose, but I went and hoped to heck none of the birthday party parents realized something was amiss. 

Much later on that night, I sucked his cock again, and then he fucked my cunt, starting somewhat dry.  Though there was chafing and slight soreness, even that felt really, really good.  And still does.  I have a nice sore behind too.   It was an excellent night, after a rather tough week. 



  1. sounds like a lovely evening. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really think lube should be a law. ~nods~

    1. Yes. I bought this massive bottle of my favorite kind and keep it ever so handy too.

  3. Ya, I can totally relate to the disinterest after denial. Strange how you seriously lust for something then all but give it up. Our minds are such fascinating places!!


    1. It doesn't really work for chocolate though :).

  4. I asked for a spanking today, since I had been so good. H agreed to it... you are not the only one on the masochist reward system, but perhaps that is the first time I have heard it phrased that way.

    Ouch on the anal - ouch. Overall, glad you are feeling better!


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