Thursday, September 4, 2014


Master says I make him sound like some sort of crazy, cruel, scary psychopath in these blogs.  And a reader on Fet said I must be deathly afraid of him.  Which doesn't really bother him, actually.  Well, maybe it did a little bit, until I assured him that I'm not afraid of him.  Respectful of what he can do and his power over me, yes, but not afraid.  
 It may seem that way mainly because I find writing about some exciting things that happen (yesterday's grabbing me by the throat) more interesting than "Again this morning he told me he loved me and we kissed goodbye and we were all sweet and smushy", which is lovely and does happen EVERY day, but I won't write about it every day.   I think you all would become diabetic from sweets overload. 

If you have met him (which is maybe three readers on this blogger site- a lot more on Fet.) you know that he really is a kind, polite, humorous man.  He's the kind of person that will just go shovel a friend's driveway to be helpful, or always offer to help people move, or order me to make cookies for various people just because.  He told me to make cookies for the shop that fixed our barn door closing apparatus because they did it quicker and cheaper than he thought possible. 

Anyway, just something keep in mind when reading the blog I'm going to write about our date day yesterday, when he had half a day off to beat the snot out of me. 


  1. This is a good is true for all of us...what you read is what we choose to write about.....
    hugs abby

  2. You always make it quite clear how you love it all, though. Makes perfect sense to me!

  3. I agree with mc kitten, you always are very clear about how much you enjoy his Dominance and etc. I've never once visualized your Master as scary, or a psychopath. x_x Quite the opposite, I squirm and look forward to my own next sessions with Sir. lol.


  4. LOL...I have heard the same re: W and what I write about our life...well, not so much anymore because I do write a lot about our daily life...but I have had people meet him and say to me later, "Well he's not scary at all! In fact, he seems kind of...normal. Nice."

    I think your caring for each other shines through in here. But then, I know that so many if the "scary mean" things are just his way of saying "I love you." :-D

  5. Funny, I never read your Master any way other than a loving Master who is meeting both of your needs. And I love reading about it. :)

  6. Thanks everyone, for the reassurance that I'm doing a reasonable balanced job on this. Mostly I write for me, but I never forget that there are a few people reading the blog too. :) Thanks again!


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