Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Night At Home

Last night I crouched in position waiting for Master for a long time.  I don't know the actual length of time, but I had to stretch and move several times when I became stiff and sore.  

I really thought we were going straight to sleep, but instead he had me face away from him, crouching on the floor still, ass up, head down, and he caned me hard on the butt and thighs, a few dozen stinging swats.   Just shows you never can tell.  Or at least I can't tell what he's going to want.

He kicked my legs apart and fucked me like that, telling me to come.  I did the first time, but not the second or third time.

He pulled out and told me to get in bed.  I wobbled my way over there, put down an extra blanket (for absorption!) and lay on my back.  He came over and asked if I had orgasmed every time he commanded.  I didn't say anything at all for a few seconds.  I was struck a bit dumb.   

He gripped me by the throat, saying "You answer me when I ask you something". 

I squeaked out "No, Master".   

"You need more beatings then," he told me, "Roll over."

He caned me again, then hung my head off the bed and fucked me all upside down so the blood rushed to my head.  Do head rushes make for more intense sexual experiences?  They seem to for me.

There was a lot more pounding of my tender cunt (still a bit sore from Thursday- I never wrote about Thursday's events, but it was was really fun too.  Actually so was Wednesday, I've just been slacking on the blog).  

When Master came, thrusting into me hard from behind, I still had the desire for more orgasms (greedy, insatiable, even sore cunt!) and after a brief internal struggle I asked him if I could use the Hitachi.

He told me no.   He told me some other things too, which I cradled to my heart, wrapping his words around me like a blanket.  They were words of ownership, possession, domination, control.  
It is so good to be reminded this way that I am his fuckhole, his cunt who deserves to be used as he wants.   And so much better than another orgasm.   I smiled to myself as I snuggled into his arm.  

Tomorrow, he said, tomorrow you can use your wand and come. 



  1. I like being a hole also, but recently discovered this is not terminology that H is at home with. Maybe some day or maybe not. They all have their own style. Blog slacking, eh? Well I definitely understand that. Glad to hear from you when it works out though.

    1. They do have their own words which resonate, that is true. Often I'm his "fucking cocksucking hole". Mmmm :)

  2. I, too, love when Sir uses words of ownership, possession, domination, and control with me. Knowing that I am His and that he has complete power over me is an incredible turn on.


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