Tuesday, September 2, 2014


When sex isn't enough...

Master thinks I am insatiable.   

When we have a quickie, and he just comes inside me, it is all about his pleasure.  I like being here for his pleasure.  I really like having pleased him and seeing him get off.   But then afterwards I'm still hoping for something more, not more sex, but something else.
I can't really change my looks, and haven't managed yet to change my feelings.  Would I even want to disguise my feelings so that he can't see them?  He reads my looks and knows something is wrong. 

 He asks.  I tell him I don't really want to say.   He demands.  I tell him.

He says I will have to wait, says that now he needs to take a shower and go out.  I get in the shower with him.  

"Kneel, slave".  

By the time he gets done with the things he does, and I have washed him all over, I'm satisfied and content with my place.   Still horny, and yet somehow more deeply satisfied from a place beyond just the sexual.   I'm smiling.  I thank him very gratefully.

He goes out, and I use my magic wand to have an orgasm, which he allows. 

Later that night he positions me against the dresser and canes me, using the willow cane and the misery stick.  Then the belt.  Hearing it snap gives me shivers.  He scratches my back with something sharp, but the knife is packed away with our camp stuff and I won't find it until the next morning. The misery stick hurts quite a bit, so that I moan and fuss and dance around.  He reminds me that he does this because he loves me.  Yes, it sounds kind of fucked up when he says it, but I understand, because there it is.  He is hurting me because he loves me and I'm taking it because I love him.  It is good for both of us.  

I guess I am insatiable, but he likes me that way.


  1. Heheheh. So I read this and was totally nodding because my Sir says the same thing about me....but he also says he knew I was like that long before we married so he picked me like this...so it's what he wanted :-)


    1. The weird part for me was I was never like this when we were vanilla. It is the power dynamic that gets me off, that makes me insatiable. I used to be happy with once or twice a week sex. He was the insatiable one...there was this one time when we had sex 7 times over a weekend and I was so proud, I said "I bet you didn't even have to masturbate at all this weekend" and he said actually he still did twice a day! Of course, he was much younger then.


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