Thursday, September 18, 2014

KOTW: This Is a Little Uncomfortable

School uniforms?  What makes them sexy?  Other than that most men naturally like young women in short skirts?  Uhmmm?  

What is sexy about a forty something year old dressing like she's a kid in school? 

In my opinion, absolutely nothing, at least not this forty something.   

Master likes the uniform thing, however.  It was made desirable for him by anime, so I have a little school uniform outfit, which he made me wear once while out for a walk in the neighborhood.  Short plaid skirt, button down shirt, big tie. No underwear.  Pigtails.  Yes, even pigtails. 

 For me it was pure humiliation, but that gets me going, and the combination of humiliation and force- oh boy!  He thought I looked cute, and I like pleasing him, so it was kind of a win/win/win for both of us.

Kink of the Week


  1. As a girl who wore a uniform and NEVER looked cute. I think I look silly in a school uniform as a forty-something. But sadly, like you, Sir does like it. The uniform makes it's appearance infrequently, but it pleases him and that makes it!


  2. Pleasing your partner is important in so many relationships, so while you don't get it, it's awesome that you support him and wear it.

  3. I never had to wear a uniform for any of my schools, so the appeal is lost on me, unless you're into age-play maybe?

    Though, I am into Sir choosing what I wear, and if that was his choice, I could get into that. Especially if he made me go outside like that! I'd be embarrassed and feeling exposed, but for him, that gets me going.

  4. Yeah I don't know why so many men (and - it seems - Tops in particular) get off on it. I guess it is the age thing?

    I am glad that W, or one, doesn't like it. Tho yeah...if he did...I'd do it for him.

  5. Even when I was cute enough to look good in a school girl uniform - I didn't get it. The things we do for our partners. ;)

  6. I can wear the outfit but I just can't get into the pigtails though.

  7. If Master T wanted me to wear a school uniform, I would have done it, but I am totally not into it at all. Thankfully, humiliation is not part of our kink, so I know I will never be made to wear something I feel ridiculous in. But, I do get that some people love wearing it :)

    Rebel xox

  8. Win wins are always a good thing so take them when you can get them. As Cammies said it is great you did it to make your partner happy.

  9. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves then I think good for you


  10. I completely understand the humiliation at wearing the uniform, I find myself cringing whenever I've dressed like that. Luckily Sir can take it or leave it so it's not something I have to do very often.

  11. I find it fascinating how much enjoyment can come from doing something that we aren't personally into because it pleases our partner! I think I get more into those sort of things if they're a little humiliating, so your scene sounds like a lot of fun!


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