Friday, September 26, 2014

Master Wrote This One. :)

Ah, you poor sorry sad slaves. When my alarm goes off I kick ksst out of bed. "Make me sausage and tea!" I command, "While I get 15 more minutes of sleep."

"But Master!" she whimpers sliding up and down my leg, "We haven't fucked since last night! Just a little? Please?"

"The only sausage you're getting this morning is going to be in my breakfast burrito, and don't give me that Theon Greyjoy crap either."

"Yes, Master." she mumbles in dejection.

"Ah, ah, ah. You know the rules!"

"Yeth, Marster!" ksst lisps. "Your thathages will be ready thoon."

"Good Igorina."

And 15 minutes later my thauthage, I mean sausages are ready. If they taste a extra special, it's because they are made with love.
That's also why we are always running low on kielbasa.


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