Tuesday, September 9, 2014

QUIET Buttsex quickie

We woke up with just enough time to have a quickie Sunday morning.  I was horny, he was horny, we'd been up late going to a bonfire, Master was going off to work soon, and we had a houseful of people for me to feed.   

He told me to get on my stomach.  After a few thrusts into my cunt he started to slide his cock into my ass.  I immediately and involuntarily tensed up.  I tried to wiggle. I tried to brace.  He ordered me not to make a sound and lie still.  I bit down on the pillow.  He didn't use lube except for what came from my pussy. He went in just enough to be inside, and he came quickly, right when I was stretching upward to meet him and let his cock fill my ass.    

It was time to get up then. I went down and made breakfast for everyone (guests, kids, Master) with cum threatening to drip from my ass.  It was slightly disconcerting for me, but surely not noticeable.  Hopefully.

We had fried red potatoes and maple syrup bacon, though I didn't have bacon.  Then we had pie, which I'd made Friday- cherry, chess and apple.

  Callie, who is Mystique's little dog, had a great time standing on everyone and "preening" Travis.  She does this funny little flea bite thing on anyone who will hold still for her.  Most people find it creepy or ooky but Travis liked it because he's strange.   He's become one of my most favorite people in the scene: dog lover, foodie, weirdo sense of humor, total pervert and whip guy. And his girl is absolutely the sweetest, nicest person ever, just plain joyful to have over.  This is the same Travis as I posted about HERE.  

After breakfast and a lot of sitting around drinking coffee, we took the dogs for a walk. Master had left for work, but everyone else stayed until noon. 

 Sprite got to round up the sheep and put them in the barn so we could walk Mystique's dogs in the pasture.  She did a fine job, then took a dip in the water bucket as usual.

  It was really wonderful having our friends over again.  They are great.     


  1. Sounds like a wonderful morning/day!

    Your posts often make me squirm. lol. xx

  2. I love how It happens. Then life happens. Like nothing happened. But then I find myself wondering, which one is It and which one is life? Perhaps I have it backwards.

    1. It's all mixed together. Part of the requirements of being his slave is being able to go from sexy time to non sexy time in the blink of an eye. And vice versa!


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