Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Bit of Fight

My Master likes me to put up a bit of a fight sometimes, just for fun.  I hate it when he blows on my tummy.  He could just order me to lie still and not put my arms in the way, but sometimes he lets me fight and wiggle first.  This morning I thought he was going to do it, and went to protect my stomach and he let me struggle a little bit before ordering "hands above your head".  Then he almost did it, but not quite, but then seemed to change his mind as he told me to get up and make biscuits.  He said the fleeting emotions in my face -disbelief followed by relief- as I started to get up and then he pushed me back down and did it anyway were just sweet.  

This was after I'd been spanked with the misery stick, so I have no explanation why it so much worse than a stick that actually hurts A LOT, but it is.  

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