Monday, November 24, 2014

I am


I have removed my robe and am wearing only my leather collar and a thin shirt with lace edging around the neck.  

"You are so beautiful".  He tosses it out there like a fact.  
Just a statement, not a flattery, not designed to make me feel anything or do anything.  

And in that moment, his words create my reality.  What I am in his eyes is all that matters. 

I am. 


  1. It's great that you feel is that all that matters is what you are in his eyes.


  2. You melted my heart....and taught me a lesson...last time Master told me i was beautiful, i was hanging naked and had just been flogged....i laughed...i should have said thank you.
    hugs abby

  3. Ok - so here's the 50 million dollar do you get there? Sir says it to me and I desperately want to believe it, but always think - ya, right. Idk how to get past that. I love that you're there!

    1. Because I believe him, because I don't think he'd lie to me, because the look in his eyes is saying the same as his mouth. The standards of TV and Cosmo just don't matter. He is the one who owns me, and if he says it, that his possession is beautiful in that moment, then I believe it. He doesn't say it often. Usually he says things like "I love your tits" which I also believe, but is not quite as warm and fuzzy and melty, is it? :)

      And honestly, when I wake up with crazy hair and dark eye circles and look in the mirror, I won't feel as beautiful as all that. But in that moment, when he looked at me and saw me, I was beautiful for him.


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