Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pa Rump Pum Pum Pum

Last night I hurried upstairs after finishing up a few things, threw off my clothes in a flurry, changed from day collar to night collar and flung myself down into position.  I had barely waited a minute when Master came in and told me to get into bed.  We did our little ritual, then he picked up a cane, a couple of which are stored right by the bed, handily enough.

Master began a gentle tapping which gradually increased to painful. He sang some Christmas carols in time with the blows. Festive!

He stopped to rub and fondle my ass.  I humped the bed a little bit, or tried to anyway, but he shoved me down hard and flat again, then resumed the cane work.  He paused to grip me by the throat, with his other hand in my mouth, and told me to COME!  

 More caning.  

After a short while I got a slightly floaty feeling, slipping away into subspace.  He punched me in the ass with his fist quite a few times.  Then he was done and told me to thank him while sucking his cock, which I did very gratefully.  Sleep came easily after that.  


  1. Do you have a pictures of your Day and Night collars W/we can see???

  2. Yes, I sure do. I took some new pictures, and I'll post them today.


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