Monday, November 3, 2014

Saturday Night

... was amazing.    After the munch and then dinner out with the whole group, a small party met at a secret location...

It sounds so mysterious, and it was getting spooky, because on the way there Master and our friend who rode with us were talking about the Walking Dead (they are both fans- I am not) and I got all creeped out about driving through the wilderness.   Everything took on that not-at-all-familiar look that it does in the dark.  
Just when I was ready to panic, we arrived safely (no zombies!).   I only shrieked a little bit when the car hit a stick.  

There was much fun, and many bruises acquired.  Master organized a scene lasting nearly two hours with multiple people, bottoms and tops, involved.

 I floated all the next day, and my butt is STILL sore.  A slapper made out of tire tread figured strongly in that.   It was this one
in fact that one of the other people brought along.   

Vicious looking thing, isn't it?  It feels just that bad too.  


  1. Oh, WOW. I can imagine that slapper made your butt sore but then you probably loved every time you felt it. Did the other tops bruise you too?


  2. Yes, one in particular was more relentless, especially as I wasn't screaming like as her girl, and she was determined to find some noises. I think it was the delrin canes that made me cry eventually.

  3. wow, that tyre tread thing looks... interesting!


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