Thursday, November 13, 2014

So, This Was My Morning

I'm on top.  Riding him.  He likes to talk during sex.  I'm more of a moaner and groaner, but sometimes he'll force me to talk too.  

He says "You'd like her to be here too, wouldn't you, slut?"

"Yes, Master".   I always answer "Yes, Master."  It is the safest thing. 
 Well, I almost always answer that way.  Other times I live on the edge.

He says, "You'd like her to sit on my face while I'm fucking you, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Master".  

"You are such a whore, cunt".

"Yes, Master". I smile at his endearments.  I look into his eyes and feel lost and found in his ownership of me. 

"You'd like to lick my come out of her ass, wouldn't you?"

My insides go squelchy squelchy flip flop at that, and I hide my face from him but still say "Yes, Master".  

He's pushed me to the edge now, and he cradles my face with one hand. 
I flinch prematurely because I know what is coming and I love-dread it.  

Then the other cheek gets it. 

He tells me to COME, and I do.  

He makes me flip over and takes me from behind.  Pulling my collar tight around my neck, he rides me until his finish.  I would like it that way, just as he says.  

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  1. Daddy likes to talk dirty during sex too. And the best answer is always Yes Sir. Your morning really sounds wonderful. :)


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