Friday, November 7, 2014

Forty eight hours for Owner and property- longest fecking post ever.

There was a 24 hours in O/p thread in one of my groups this week, but I thought I'd expand it to forty eight hours so you can see the good, bad, ugly, ordinary, but mostly good aspects of our days.   

Tuesday, about 4:30, I was boiling chicken for stock, and making pizzas. The first pizza got done at about 5 (then the dough had to rise for next pizza). The second pizza got done at 8:00 pm. So in between then we had some salad and watched a show (Archer) on DVD. Then we ate more pizza and watched another episode.
Master put kids to bed.

I let dogs out and back in, fed them, washed dishes and then it was about time for bed. I waited for Master to come up in my usual spot, kneeling head down on the floor, then when he told me I could get into bed we did, and went to sleep right away.

5:30. I got up and made breakfast- sausage burrito for Master, bacon for the kids and Cheerios for me.
He told me I had to make a fire and I explained my fears about doing that, so he said just get it ready. I build the fire and waited for him to light it. He came down and said "Ok, now light it." Which I did, no problem. Sneaky Master! The problem with the fire is a bit complicated to go into here.

Master left about 7 for work, dropping the older kid off at school. I was on the computer some, until time for second kid to catch the bus. Got him on the bus, then did some laundry and cleaning, read some things on the computer, put a butt plug in, masturbated, took it out, had a shower, washed dishes and so forth. About 12 I got ready for Master to get home, as he had a half day of work today.

When he got home he ate a quick lunch, then kinda threw me over the couch for some... fun.

He told me to put on something else, something "cut-able" so I did. I waited for him in our room. He began caning me a bit, then he watched porn for a long time while I sucked his cock. Then he tied me up, caned me, fiddled with the video camera a bunch, made some movies in this and that position of the caning, which didn't really turn out. Have to try again later I guess. Then he had me put the butt plug back in and he fucked me.

We watched some more Archer, had some tea and snacks, then he went off to pick up his car from the shop. 

I never did get dressed properly.  Pretty good day :).

For dinner I made chicken, salad, and fettuccine with pesto (that I made tues. morning) and pine nuts.  After washing up and getting kids to take baths, do homework, and go to bed, I did all the dog chores like every night.

I can't remember what then, I fell asleep or something after folding the laundry.  Master woke me up later and we did our little ritual where we discuss my service for the day, which he said was very good, even though I didn't get my outside chores done because it was raining. I also hadn't waited for him in my spot because I'd gone to sleep so early.   A good fucking makes up for some things. :)

Then it is morning again, bright and shiny 5:30, ok, I lie, it was nasty sleeting icky at 5:30 but I got up and made breakfast after Master had cuddled me and told me to get up. 

The morning routine was pretty much like the day before except that I did not make a fire.   Make food. Let dogs out. Drink coffee. Check the internet sites.

While Master was getting dressed I knelt in front of him and kissed his feet, but he didn't have time for any fooling around.

After getting the youngest kid off to school I cleaned up the dog poop from the yard, then picked the rest of the carrots from the garden and set them to dry on the kitchen table.   

I vacuumed and straightened up the house some. 

Then I put the butt plug in again, masturbated quickly (takes like 10 seconds) then had a shower. 

I searched for some jobs online, printed an application and my resume and agonized about filling it out.  When it was done I would have to take it down to the company and drop it off.  At this point I was wishing I could be a lot more normal and relaxed about everything because my anxiety was through the roof about doing all this.  I can't even figure out what causes it, I just feel sick all over. Insecurity, self doubt, worries about not getting a job, worries about disappointing Master, worries about getting a job and hating it and being unable to keep up with my jobs at home....all those sorts of things.

  Anyway, I promised myself a reward of a Halloween Kit Kat after dropping off the application.  I left it there on the passenger seat of my car.  By the time I finished doing that little task I was feeling too sick to my stomach to actually it eat.  For a while.  Then I got stuck waiting for a train to cross the road and I calmed down eventually and ate the candy bar.

When I got home about 1:00, I went for a walk with Ben (the dog of the day).   We walked two miles and it felt really good, not so cold that it was unpleasant, just brisk (about 37 degrees, no sleet).  I jogged part of the way.    I tried really hard to focus on positives and get the negative junk out of my mind. 

I got home, checked Facebook, and a friend from the local community had posted that his company was hiring, so I filled out an application for that, luckily this one was all on line and I could attach a resume also.   I think they only have 2nd shift right now, so that is probably a bust.  Master doesn't want me to work evening hours because he'd never see me.  

I cleaned and put away the carrots that were resting on the counter.

With the chicken stock from the day before I made a chicken matzo ball soup with carrots and celery.  The kids were home, and the littlest one helped me chop carrots. 

When Master got home we ate (the soup was delicious) and then headed over to Mystique's for Thursday night TV watching.   The kids chattered away pleasantly in the car and I really appreciated what good kids they are.

It was getting late when we got home, but Master had to work on household finances, so I took care of dogs and kids, then I huddled up in bed with my book for a while until I fell asleep.   Master came up at about 10:30, and was ready for fun, which I was not really expecting.   I had to let in and feed one more dog, brush my teeth and hurry back.   

First we talked and I let on what an emotional mess I was about this whole job search thing.  He reassured me again that I was not useless, not failing him and encouraged me to keep trying.   

I labeled the following sexual escapade "Round the world in 40 minutes".  He pretended that he was some stranger who was going to pay my Master $50 for me giving him a blowjob.  Then he proceed to "rape" my other holes and stiff me my Master's $50.   
It was hot.  I cried.  
It was a good emotional release because when he was all done I was smiling.

 Mouth, cunt, ass:  I was well and thoroughly used.   

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