Friday, November 21, 2014

Something about last night, plus punishment, then a little fantasy, my title is too long

I got tied down to the bed last night, and had a serious long beating with the misery stick, and the paddle.   I was humping the blanket in delight and agony before he let me come.  After that there was some delicious sex, the dessert.  :) 

This was my reward for doing a certain task for him yesterday, one that was difficult for me.    

And, surprising me, it turned out he was saving my punishment for this morning.  It was quick and painful, a lot more painful than the "fun beating" of the night before.  This is how punishments go, of course, with no time for warm up or enjoying it.  

I'm having a pretty awesome day today, with my butt all sore and everything.  I helped that along by wearing my butt plug for a while.  It has a string on it now, thanks to all the people that worried me with stories of butt plugs vanishing up their rectums. 

I had this delightful fantasy going on while I wore it.  

I imagined that Master and I were shopping together, and I was wearing the plug with the string, and also a longish coat.  He had his hand under the coat, holding the string and tugging at it to guide me around the store, or just to remind me that he was holding my leash.   


  1. You're welcome (for the horror story/morality play).... Sounds like a good night - good day.

  2. Get you a nJoy medium (for starters!). There is no way you'll swallow it, so to speak!

    Mine has worn her medium 5 to 6 hours per day for years. And misses it when she forgets it at home.

    1. I did tell him about that, since my friends recommend it, but that is up to Master if he wants to buy one.


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