Sunday, November 23, 2014

Master says "More explicit"!

Yes, he thinks my previous blog was not racy enough.  So I'm left with the decision whether to rewrite that one or to write a new one, because just a few minutes ago...well, I'll just say the man gets horny A LOT.  

A new one: 

I was sitting here in my computer chair, when he beckoned me upstairs.   I followed him to our room, where he told me what he wanted.  I dropped to my knees in front of him.

His cock still tasted of me; that was only a few hours earlier, actually.  Before his shower he wanted me once more. 

He was already hard as he thrust to the back of my throat.  He grabbed my hair and began pumping into my face.  I started to orgasm.  In that second he saw it and told me to come, but I'd already started anyway.   He told me where to put my hands and what to do, then another few minutes of sucking and he pulled me back off and shoved me on to all fours.   He kicked me in the ass a couple of times, then positioned himself behind me.

Throwing my robe up over my back and ripping (almost literally) my pants down, he took me so violently I gasped at the tightness and dryness despite my orgasm (it was not a squirty one).  

I realized I kind of had to pee then, but the feeling of him deep inside me and pounding up against my full bladder made it even more intensely delicious.  Is this supposed to happen?  I thought sex when you had to pee was not supposed to feel this great?  Or maybe it always does?  These thoughts flittered through my head before all thought abandoned me, leaving only the feeling of him roughly fucking me like a bitch on the floor. 

I felt every inch his bitch.  He used my robe sash for leverage, driving in deep and hard.  Then he suddenly stopped and my greedy little cunt was like "Heyyyyy" but then my mouth, just as greedy, was filled again, his cock now tasting strongly of myself.  I had thoughts of damp panties being shoved into my mouth as a gag. 

 Maybe they'd be mine, or maybe someone else's... 


  1. I liked the new one. Hope you keep being explicit like that.


  2. ooh, I like it when he directs you to be more explicit!

  3. I agree..explicit is good! More explicit is better.
    hugs abby

  4. Yes for me too. The ore explicit the better. I struggle with the same dilemma in my blog but I always come to the conclusion that since it is anonymous, and since it is what most people want to hear, read and see, then, well, you know ........ why not give it to them?

    Love your blog!!!!

  5. I'm glad you all liked it too! Master did. I appreciate the feedback on that, and you all are bloggers so I'm sure you know that it is more difficult to write by putting your head back in that moment and imaging all the sensations again in detail in order to write them down just how they felt, and remember the little things that happened, which then makes me horny again and want more! It's easier to just say "Then we had yadda yadda yadda and it was fun!" But of course the former makes for better reading.

  6. Yep, more explicit (t least in this case, and ok, usually, because I like it like that) is better. Yummm.

    Particularly like this: "I had thoughts of damp panties being shoved into my mouth as a gag.

    Maybe they'd be mine, or maybe someone else's... "


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