Sunday, November 23, 2014

Going Out

Last night, for the first time in a few years, Master let me go out to a dinner at a restaurant with some kinky folks without him.  I went with Mystique and we had a fun time chatting and eating, seeing friends and meeting people.    Master stayed home to relax with the kids after he'd had a long day of work and then getting hay with me.

He said beforehand that since he was letting me go out alone I was going to owe him big time.  Now, this is kind of a joke since he already gets everything he asks for from me, but still, the idea of owing him more than that, well, it made me a bit worried.    Can I owe him big time and yet not owe him at all at the same time?  Or is he just messing with my head?  Knowing him, it is the second one.

This morning he wanted to lie back and have me pleasure him, which I am happy to do at any time, but this morning there may have been an extra willingness and eagerness in my work.   When he was done with that, he had me put the butt plug in, use the Hitachi and he fucked me, sending me on many massive orgasm journeys.   


  1. this is like BIKSS making a bet with me and saying "if i win, you suck my dick"

    yeah. i suck your dick already anyway! LOL


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