Monday, November 24, 2014

One Man's Sex Blog, Posted by DM for ksst

One Man's Sex Blog

The question was asked recently why men don't write more sex blogs.  This is just one attempt to answer that question.

Yeah, we fucked more than a few times this weekend, and it was okay.  The last time ksst wore her big butt plug, and it felt so good bumping against my cock as I fucked her that I almost went for anal.  Ass sex.  But that reminded me of my Civ V game where I'm playing the Aztecs, so I came, and went back down to play.

In Civ V you can choose different countries to play, and I mostly choose the Aztecs because they sound like ass sex.  They're really not a good power; the special unit is weak, the special building is only a minor improvement over the standard watermill, and the special power sounds way better than it is.  

If you really want to go for policies, you should choose the French, or another power that gets steady and reliable Culture Boosts.  If you want to wage war, you should pick a country with a better unit, like the Mongols.  

Probably the best power in Civ V, for my style of play, is the Persians, who have a great power, a good unit, and a great building.  However, when I play the Persians, I tend to tortoise up and not fight anyone.  I've spent entire games without a single war.  I won them, of course, but seriously, why bother?  Same with the Egyptians and the French.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, pick fights all the time.  Units in the water are just free culture for me.  My caravels and frigates roam the oceans running over any unit they come across, just for the culture.  It makes for an interesting game, constantly fighting the entire world, but unable to pull off any really big conquests because at level 6, where I usually play, you can't conquer people and stay happy.  I'm usually happy if I can keep my empire's happiness above -10.  

I love the Mongols even more than the Aztecs.  Their powers of conquest are unsurpassed, but on the high levels the unhappiness quickly kills you, with your cities' production at almost zero, units fighting at half strength at best, and zero population growth.  Even razing cities to the ground, a common Mongol tactic, can't stem the flood of unhappiness.  I sometimes sell conquered cities to other civilizations with which I am not yet at war, but then I end up having to reconquer them.  So, ass sex, or Aztecs.

I've won with all the other civilizations at at least level 5, except for the Greeks, who should really be the Macedonians, as their leader is Al the Great, and Ramaramadingdang of the Siamese.  These civilizations are too boring for me to play.

This is why guys don't write sex blogs.  And don't even get me started on World of Tanks.



  1. I must say ksst, I find that reading anything that I know your DM has written, a turn-on. . . even something as mundane as a description of a video game. . . ;-)

  2. Ok .. this made me giggle & think of the movie Up .. "SQUIRREL!!!!"

  3. This is so funny and so damn true!!!!! Omg - I so needed the laugh!! Thanks!

  4. HA!!!! This is beyond perfect .


  5. LOL...soooo funny and sooooo very true...
    hugs abby

  6. i read this out loud to Master the other day, he laughed and said 'Well, that tells me all I needed to know about him!'. Today, I noticed he's just started up his Civ 5 game again...

    So, thank you, i guess?


  7. Rose, which civilization does he like to play, and at what level? Which victory condition does he go for, and how frequently has he achieved it? Has he ever won on level 8, and with which civilization. I beat 8 with the French, for the record. I need to know!

  8. OMG I am laughing my ass off. He *should* write blog. He's funny.


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