Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In Which I Fail at Masturbation

But not in the normal way.   I did come, but it did not go the way I planned.  

I am allowed to masturbate once a day when Master is gone. Yesterday I decided to give myself a little more involved self loving session and really draw it out for maximum pleasure.  

I put the butt plug in after applying a little lube and manual stimulation.   Then I put in a dildo as well.  That wasn't going to stay in my pussy on its own, so I pulled up my jeans to hold it. 

I planned to walk around the house, do some cleaning, enjoy the sensations of being all filled up for a while.   


I could just use the magic wand for a second or two, and then walk around the house. 

Standing in the middle of the bedroom, I touched the wand to the outside of my jeans.  Just a second.  Ok, just for two seconds.  Maybe just one more second.  Damn that is good.  Now I'm just going to turn it off...any second now...

Then I came, still standing up.   

And that's it.  Fun over.  I guess I could have tried for more, but you know how you sometimes just get that "Ok, I'm done" feeling when no one else is there to push you on for more?  That is what I had.  

Master enjoyed hearing me describe it to him last night. 


  1. Yeah...i know that ok i am done feeling...too well.
    hugs abby

  2. I know that feeling well too. Sometimes it's such a let down, other times it's a relief.



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