Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Sunday afternoon Master was going out to do a little chainsawing for firewood.

He told me to come out to keep him company, and to help. 
I asked if I could finish what I was doing first.  He said yes, and he waited for a bit, then went out.  I finally got done, put all my warm clothes on, got outside and immediately realized I should have made a pit stop first.

I told him I needed to pee.  He was already breaking some smaller sticks. 
He sighed and said, "Really?"  
And then he added "Right there, right now", pointing at the ground below my feet. 
I squatted, lifted my skirt and obeyed.


  I helped by holding the logs down for him while he cut them with the chainsaw, and then picking up the cut pieces, loading them in the wheelbarrow and carting them to the back porch.  More firewood is good!  
This was the tree that fell across the driveway a few weeks back.  

And look, I still have all my limbs!  


  1. Did you feel a sense of pleasure at that tree being cut up to be burned by you guys?

  2. Oh yes! What was just a dead tree is now turning into heat for the house. Which we need! Besides, it was good exercise. Wood warms you three times: once when you cut it, once when you haul it and again when you burn it.


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