Monday, November 17, 2014

KOTW: Piercing

Piercings – yea or nay? Do you have any? If so, are they a part of your kink, or just decorative?

I don't have any piercings, not even my ears anymore.   I originally got my ears pierced because Master wanted to be able to buy me earrings, but the infections kept bothering me for a long time so I let them close up after a year or more.  That was back when I was a teenager. 

I'm pro-piercing, if my Master wants to have it done.   He has been talking about getting labia rings, and also a clitoral hood piercing for me.   It would be all about what he wants, not what I want.   I have heard that the new jewelry is far better than the old cheap stuff I had in my ears, so hopefully I would not face the same problems again. 

What is it about them that makes them a “kink” as opposed to just decoration?

I would be doing it because my Master thinks it is hot.  I do also, but without him desiring it, I won't do it.   I think it would be especially exciting to do it as a scene, where he organized the whole thing without consulting me, then had me tied up during the piercing.  We know some piercers who would enjoy doing it this way...

Do you enjoy the sensation of being pierced, either in play or as a part of creating a permanent piercing?

I haven't done it, so I don't know.  I think whether I like the sensation or not (I'm thinking NOT) wouldn't matter; it would be more about the symbolism it holds for ownership and belonging to him, and him making the decision to have it done.   That is the part that gets me.

What is it about being pierced that “gets you where you live”?

See above ^ :).   Also, I think rings are really pretty and would be fun to play with after they are healed up.  Master is keen on getting a locking mechanism on my cunt somehow, just for the hotness factor for him.   He has also been talking about doing some stapling, but that is a slightly different thing, as it is only for the play, not for permanent decoration.  

If you a lover of piercings on other people (but not yourself) what is it about them that turns you on?

I like the way they look.  I didn't use to, but now that I've seen a lot more I find them attractive, at least sometimes.  I don't love facial piercing as much as nipple and cunt jewelry, but I'm not really sure why.   The thought of belly button piercing being done is the most frightening.  I don't think I'd like that at all.

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  1. My Dom likes the idea about nipple piercings but honestly I am neither here nor there about them at all. Who knows though .. maybe one day.

  2. I have a bit of a needle phobia even though I have two tattoos. Sir wants my nipples pierced, but doesn't think I can handle it... yet.

    I think he is right.

    1. Master is not interested in having my nipples pierced, I'm not sure if it is the look, the fact that my nipples would be out of play for so long, or that friends have had issues with them and had to take them out after a while. Personally, I'm totally thankful he doesn't want that done because they are already sensitive.

  3. Sir doesn't want me to get any piercings, I'm hoping one day he'll change his mind as I'd love to wear a permanent symbol of him.


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