Friday, June 26, 2015

A Sequel, also fantasy

The next night was the de-virginizing ceremony.

Master liked to have it be a real ceremony rather than just a hidden pleasure of the hut.  

The girl was washed and dressed by me, pure white of course, as is traditional.  She was led in bondage to the "altar", which was actually a padded bench in the middle of the yard.  We had no crowds of villagers, but I liked to imagine them all standing in a crowd anyway, the young, the old, the men, the women, cheering for her coming womanhood. A bloody spectacle and rite of past eons.

 However, that was not the reality.  In reality, we had Master leading her by wrist cuffs and rope, and a few farm hands and Master's (male) friends standing around.  And me. I'd been ordered to kneel off to the side.

I had done this before.  There had been another girl.  I mean, besides me.  Before that, many years ago, I had been this girl, had known her fear.  Then there was the skinny red haired girl.  We don't talk about her anymore.

I shook myself off thinking those thoughts.  The girl in front of me was being tied face down to the bench.  A blind fold was placed across her eyes.   Master lifted her skirt, exposing her ass and pussy.  He stroked her thighs as he got himself ready.   He took a cane from one of the other men, and stroked her with that as well.  

I could see her tremble.  This wasn't a punishment, it was merely to make her ready.  Whap. Whap. WHAP.  Red tracks appeared across her bottom and thighs as he continued to work on her.  She began to cry out.  I wanted to run to her and hold her hand, but this was not allowed.  She begged him to stop, but there was no mercy.  When the welts on top of welts began to seep, that was when he stopped.  He entered her, and she had no cries left.  The blood was smeared over both of them.  When he came with a happy grin, the next man stepped up.  Master offered him the cane but he shook his head, just the fucking, thanks, man.  Every man there took his turn with the girl.  She was lying quite still now. 

When they untied her I was allowed up, struggling on my numb and tingling legs, to make my way to her, and to wash her, make her presentable again because we would both be serving dinner as we did every night.  She was stronger than she looked right now.  
She had to be.   

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