Friday, June 26, 2015


*This story is fantasy*   After I wrote it for him he really wanted me to post it, so here it is.

Master entered our little slave hut, mine and the girl's.  The girl had come of age, and his visit was not unexpected.  I had taken her on when she was brought here and I treated her like my daughter because she had no one.  I had been protecting her from certain things until Now.

Now was her breaking in time.  It was the day to discover what it meant to be a slave and I couldn't protect her from that. 

Master ordered us both to strip, and she looked at me with wide, frightened eyes.  I gestured for her to obey.  Better always to obey.

When she was naked, standing there in the summer heat, he pushed her to her knees and pulled her face onto his cock, which he'd exposed.  This was her first time and she didn't do it very well.  She was tentative, hesitant, shy.  She did not look at me.   She didn't know what to do, though she tried.  I had always told her to try to be pleasing.  Better always to be pleasing. 

She was achingly beautiful, which was something.  Her fine waist, her pert but large breasts.  A stomach which had never carried a life, so smooth.  Hair that I had brushed back that morning tried to fall on to her face as she moved.

Master looked at me and with an edge in his voice said if I couldn't teach her to give a decent blowjob we were both going to be whipped.  I thought I could protect her from this at least and I began to show her what to do.

 Grab his cock with one hand like this.  Fondle his balls with the other hand, he likes it this way.  Now tease with your tongue, not too long or he becomes impatient, then take it in your mouth.  Pay attention to the line around the head.  Lick as you suck.  Take it deep sometimes, as much as you can.

When she followed my instructions and began to be pleasing to him, he looked hard at me and half casually mentioned "You know you are training your replacement, don't you?"

This frightened me, and humiliated me.  I was too old, not good for very much longer.  I didn't want to get old or to be replaced.  This is what I was, my role, my life, my pleasure, to please my Master.   He told me that my old cunt was only good for one thing, which he would show me in time.

He came in her mouth with a groan of pleasure, then after a bit of rest, he led me outside and ordered me to lie in the dirt.

"Spread your legs.  Spread your cunt too." I fingered my lips apart.  It is better always to obey.

"This is all it is good for now" he said as he pissed on my cunt.

I wanted to cry.   She still wasn't looking at me. 

He grinned at me with an evil glint.

"You know, I will want to whip you anyway, slavegirl."

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  1. *smiles widely* To give us a peak inside your mind, how generous. Hehe.


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