Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Little Roleplay

Foreplay:  His belt snaking out to smack my ass or my back or my thigh like a whip.  It stings and I dance from one foot to the other.  Then he gets out a heavier belt, an old leather one from even before I knew him.  It's probably 1/4" thick, but it snakes out and strikes as fast as the first one, landing with a heavier thud.  The thud is still laced with plenty of sting.  

I had made him a couple new canes from willow branches yesterday.  He took the thicker one and began rapid fire hard beating. Very quickly it became unbearable and I flattened out up against my dresser.  Like that would help.  It didn't.  The rain of blows just kept coming.  He switched to the thin whippy one, but sadly it broke on the first strike.  A little bit too thin and brittle.  The whippy ends of branches are really only good when they are fresh, I should have realized.

Master ordered me on to the bed.  He took the leather strap from my wrist and tied both hands together, then took me, first my mouth, then my cunt. Then mouth again.

He had me get the nipple clamps (difficult to do with hands bound, but not impossible) and put them on myself.  I don't think I'd have the willpower to do it on my own, if he wasn't right there ordering it. But with him telling me to put them on I managed.  They still really hurt. 

He was pretending like I was an aspiring porn actress, so I played along, answering his questions like it was an interview, like I was young and naive but oh so eager.

"Do you suck and swallow?"
"Do you do anal?"
"Men and women?"

"What about having groups of men jizzing all over you?"

I didn't call him Master because it didn't seem like it would be in character, and I tell you what- that was really weird for me.  It was hard to just say  "Yes", and leave off "Master".   I could tell when I was getting too caught up in the action and falling out of character when my answers naturally reverted back to "Yes, Master."  

Oh, and I totally got the job. :) :)

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