Monday, June 27, 2016

A Fine Sunday Activity

A fine Sunday activity for Master is ripping my chemise to shreds with his knife, then stuffing it in my mouth for a gag.  This was determined to insufficiently humiliating, so he took the shirt out, stuffed it in my pussy, then back in my mouth.  I was being threatened with the knife at various points in my anatomy and my desperate breathing was sucking the thin shirt material against my nose with each inhalation.  I had totally clear airway on the exhale, and then struggling for each inhale.  

After a hard fucking I crawled across the floor, took a cane from the cane stand, held it in my mouth and crawled back to him with my best pleading look.  He took it with a "Drop it" order, just like we would do with the dogs.  I think he was pleased with me.  I lay on my stomach on the floor and received my desperately longed for beating.  

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