Friday, June 10, 2016


We got hay delivered today. One hundred and twenty five bales.

  I specially asked him at least three times to bring it Saturday afternoon, but with the chance of rain he loaded it straight from the field and brought it all today when Master isn't here to help unload it.  Letting your hay get rained on is a very bad idea, so I don't blame him.
 The tractor couldn't push the heavy wagon up the steep hill to the barn so we ended up having to carry each bale up the hill individually. 

Just to add, this is an older gentleman who just had surgery.  He can drive the tractor, but not throw any hay. He can't even really walk without a cane.  He told me his granddaughters loaded the hay on the wagon for him.  I was imagining some strapping young ladies with farm girl muscles. Then he told me they were in junior high.  So I was a little embarrassed that I ran out of energy so quickly.  
I made our kids help.   It was still exhausting and we aren't even done yet.  Some of the hay is just sitting in a big pile in the yard but some got carried up to the barn.  I'm really hoping it doesn't rain and some magical hay moving fairies show up (ha!).


KOTW: phone sex

Him: How are things going? Me:  Oh, you know, pretty good, but I miss you a lot. Him:  What do you miss? Me:  I miss you touching me. ...