Friday, June 24, 2016

The Rules

 I've never typed out all our rules before.  They felt really personal and private to me, more than most other things I write about, but I'm not really sure why.  I had to type them up anyway for something Master is working on, so I decided I might as well post them here too.

The Rules

1. Get in the mail.
2. Scoop dog poop on days off.
3. Make the bed every day.
4. Wash the sheets once per week at least, or more if needed.
5. Don't put my glasses on Master's night stand.
6. Shave cunt. Or trim as ordered. Or let grow out as ordered.  Just do what he tells me.
7. Grow hair on head long.
8. No country music in the car if Master is there.
9. After I drive Master's car, put the seat back.
10.  Must ask Master's permission to orgasm if he is home.
11. If he is not home, unless otherwise instructed, I have permission for up to 7 orgasms in one day but ONLY if they are all in one session.
12. Do not give out our phone to people from Fet. without permission, or call them without permission.
13. No meeting people from Fet. without permission.
14. All play with others needs permission.
15. Take empty dog food sacks to the trash can.
16. Tea in the am should be in a large mug and have caffeine (Tea rules are for making his tea, he doesn't care what tea I have. I usually drink coffee).
17. Tea in the pm should be in a small or medium mug and not have caffeine.
18. All tea should have Splenda.
19. Microwave tea in large mug 3:30.  Medium mug: 2:30.  Small mug 2:00
20. Eggs must be well done.
21. Pasta must be al dente.
22.Clothes must be washed regularly.  Master needs clean work pants.
23. Tell Master when things are bad or good.
24.  Don't wake up Master!
25. OBEY!
26. I must always suck Master's cock while he reads my journal.
27. No giving to charities without permission.
28. No getting arrested in Las Vegas.
29. My ass belongs to Master.
30. Follow the chore schedule.
31. I must never purposefully hurt Master's property- which is me.
32. Do nightly ritual unless ordered otherwise.
33. Don't say "nothing" or "never mind" to Master.
34. Floss teeth daily.
35. Make Master's lunch if he needs one.
36.  No getting speeding tickets.


  1. #28...I can't help but wonder how that one got on the list. :)

    I think #23 would be the hardest for me.

    Thank you for sharing. You got me thinking about my rules and, you know, I think I have more than I realized. How did that happen?!

    1. Yes, #23 is seemingly simple but actually huge. Not always easy, but a good rule to keep in mind any time I get shaky.

    2. #28 is a story, no, I've never been arrested anywhere.

  2. I feel like #27 has a story behind it lol but very detailed i never actually thought to write down our rules i think it would take me a while to remember all of them since i do them so regularly that i dont think of them as rules anymore :)

    1. A certain charity that my Master didn't like called me and badgered me into giving them money a few times, so I got a new rule.

    2. I think i might ask daddy to add this to ours lol i have such anhard time telling then no and when i do they just call back till i give in

    3. I think i might ask daddy to add this to ours lol i have such anhard time telling then no and when i do they just call back till i give in

  3. This was fun to read, I like most of those rules, myself. LOL It's inspired me to revisit mine and Q's old, neglected list of rules we started way back when and never really finished.

  4. no getting arrested in Vegas? LOL.. or anywhere I should think!!

  5. It wasn't really a charity. Almost none of the money actually went to help the Police and Sheriffs. There was a 88 or 90% overhead cost, and none of it was tax deductible.


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