Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to make a happy slave

We went for a walk late last night, about 8:30, when it was beginning to cool off.  We were nearly home when I told Master I hadn't reached my 10,000 steps for the day yet. 

"You can bounce in front of the TV until you reach it", he told me.

"I'm too tired for bouncing,"  I stated.

"I said you'll do it until you reach the 10,000, bitch."

"Yes, Master."  

This is how to make a happy slave.  :) :)

It turned out I wasn't too tired after all.


  1. some days i manage way many more steps than 10k, but on days like today when i'm home and slouched in front of the telly all bets are off! glad you got your steps in!

    1. On rainy days I have more trouble, but walking in place or jogging in front of the TV is possible.

  2. Love his commands. You are so lucky - you are never unsure about your place. He seems so amazingly consistent with his dominance. I love that when he gives you a command...he expects it to be done and will settle for nothing less!


    1. I just don't write about the other times much! However, really, he's a good Master. I think only a machine could be 100% consistent all day every day. But like the other day when he ordered orange juice and I forgot about it, and also he forgot he told me to make it, and it was no big deal. I think I did write about that. Probably a couple of years ago I would have had major angst over that situation. How could I forget the orange juice? Why doesn't he beat me for forgetting? But now, I think I do know my place enough not to get so upset over something little like that when he's not even mad about it. Part of being his slave is learning to take my cues from him, not to get worked up over things he doesn't care about. That has been one of the hard parts, actually, since I have a lot of my own ideas.


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