Friday, June 24, 2016


I had a busy but extremely nice day yesterday.  Master called around noon to tell me that a friend of his was going to be in town and was coming to stay the night.  I was out doing errands and then working outside (filling holes with topsoil, leveling the ground, and planting grass in an area that kids and dogs had turned into rough and barren terrain) so I didn't get the message until he called again around 4.  

I had to clear the 15 year old and his stuff (he moved the stuff, but there was still sheets and cleaning to do) out of the guest room where he's taken over unless we have actual guests.  
Then get the house spruced up a bit.  Then I had an hour long phone call I had to take. 
Master brought home some brats and grilled out, so I didn't have to make anything but the salads for dinner (fruit and regular).
Master has to work today, but we're going to go meet him for lunch.  Then we have fireworks (private display) to go to tonight, and a reunion for Master's school tomorrow.  Busy, busy! 

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