Friday, June 3, 2016

Whining A Lot

My post today is supposed to be about fire, but I am in a bad, bad mood so instead I'm going to complain.

The smaller kid was throwing an absolute fit today because someone (Master) ate the last piece of bread that he was going to eat for breakfast.  Because there is absolutely no food in the house other than that piece of bread (sarcasm there, there is tons of other food) he refused to eat breakfast at all and instead stomped around the house being disagreeable until time to catch the bus.  

Master's solution was that I should make bread again today.  I told him I didn't have time to make bread in the afternoon because I was going to the kids' poetry reading at school.  He said I could make it in the morning.  So, I started the bread going.   It doesn't take a lot of effort, but it takes paying attention and doing the steps at precisely timed intervals.  So no running out to do errands until it is all done. 

Here is the whiny list of the rest of the things I have to do today:

- water garden

-work dog on sheep

-clean up poop in the yard


-vacuum/sweep/dust everything

- call the insurance company to get a problem sorted out (they never answer the phone so this involves sitting by the phone waiting for them to call me back- or not, because sometimes they don't call back)

-take the house payment to the bank to pay it (wish I could just mail it, but for some reason I can't)

-go to the high school to drop of the older kid's signed course schedule for next year.  First figure out if he's supposed to be taking a foreign language this year.

-pick up medication from school

-attend children's poetry reading for an hour and a half (please kill me)

- grocery shopping 

-make bread

-cook dinner



  1. Kids...

    You got this though!


  2. breathe. and i hate days like that too... where the list goes on forever and some of the stuff just i'm just SO not looking forward to sitting thru. especially sitting on the fone and waiting for someone to pick up on the other end.

  3. It turned out to be a busy day, but not as bad as I thought. I do tend to get worked up about things like phone calls. Oh, and they never called me back. Grr.

    Making the bread was fine, I decided to mail in the class schedule since I still had time to do that, and the class poetry session was more fun than I thought. Some of the kids were really getting into it an making up new poems on the spot so they could go again and again. Also there was cake. You can't go wrong with cake. After that I stopped by Target for one thing (which they didn't have) but instead I found the perfect cane holding stand on clearance sale. Master had said he wanted something to hold them conveniently. Score!


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