Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Goodness, That Was Hot

We stayed up late last night.  When everyone else was asleep, Master had me undress myself and rub his feet. Soon, this turned to cocksucking.  He told me what a good little cocksucking whore I am.  I basked in these words, this attention.  He paddled me, I squirmed; he fucked me, I moaned. Back to sucking.  Then more of everything all over again.

Then again this morning.  He fucked me first, standing up bent over a chaise lounge in our room.  He put a rope around me and used that as a handle to hold me as he did me doggy style.  He beat me with the rope ends, which felt really good and stingy.  Then he got me into bed and gave me the Hitachi.  Master said I had to keep using it while I sucked him, but not I was not allowed to come until he did. 

  It was really difficult, because I always want to come right away when the vibrator goes on.  I had to turn it off several times or I would have orgasmed uncontrollably.  Finally when I felt him coming I let go of my resistance and had a huge one.  

When we went for a walk in the evening he tied a thick piece of rope around my chest "To remind me".   I wore it after that too, while we watched a show, being continually reminded.

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