Monday, June 20, 2016

Game of Thrones Nudity

Every week in the beginning of GOT at Mystique's house, Master looks for the adult content warning and if it shows nudity coming he's happy.  Of course, some weeks it is just some guy's wang, which Master, as a straight guy, is not interested in.  But sometimes it is naked boobies.  You can never have too many naked boobies.

This week there was no nudity warning and Master announced that since GOT was not going to provide the tits I would have to do it. 

I flashed him.  That was not good enough.  

"Take it off", he said of my summer dress.  I took off the dress and my bra and spent the whole movie time mostly naked, only with underwear so I could be on the couch.

I got all worked up from his touch, but it was straight to bed with no relief that night.

This morning he was happy to see me simply oozing with neediness for him.  He pulled my cunt hairs by the fistful, but that was it.  He gave me permission for an extra orgasm today while he's gone.  


  1. don't you just love GoT? lol be happy for that extra O today :)

    1. I do love most of it. I can't wait for each new episode, and waiting for the next season will be torture again! I barely got my extra O in before Master got home- busy doing things as usual.


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