Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ice and Heat

Ice, dripping down my stomach.  Ice cubes fucked deep into my cunt until they melt into the heat of my juices. A sharp coldness at first, turning to a mellow cool.  Ice, with a tangy taste of pussy, placed in my mouth, allowed to melt slowly on my tongue.  My mouth back to his shaft, spreading coldness there too.  My fingers trail ice water over his shoulders, mixing with his sweat as he labors above me.  Now I'm on top.  Ice sliding across my nipples, teasing them up, dripping down my belly on to him.  Ordered to pleasure myself with a fresh ice cube as I lean off the bed and eagerly suck his cock.  Painfully cold, I try to rub harder and faster to warm it up.
Held down by the throat. Warned to shut my mouth, I know what is coming.  He slaps me hard, repeatedly, leaving my head aching and my cunt clenching him, spilling more juices over his cock.  

Earlier, Master had called me upstairs in the heat of the afternoon to rub his feet while he iced his sore shoulder. When the ice pack began to warm, he sent me downstairs to more ice. 

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