Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yesterday. More hay.

This is what "Fuck it, I'm tired" looks like:

With dog butt.

In the afternoon I dragged a few more hay bales up to the barn using the lawnmower.  This was less effort, but more time consuming, because of all the getting on and off the mower.  The bales still had to be carried the last 10 feet and stacked even after dragging.  It was over 90F by then and I only got about 6-7 more hauled that way before I needed to go to the store. 

I showered, took the kids to a few stores, including picking up a cooked chicken for dinner since I had no time left to cook food.

On the way home the front end of my car began smoking and smelling really, really bad.  Made it home anyway.

We got home and put the groceries away, and some huge clouds began to roll in with the wind picking up.  I was a bit panicked because there was no way I was getting all that hay put up by myself before the rain.  I was just trying to cover them up with tarps when Master got home.  He immediately changed and began hauling bales.  The smaller kid helped me fasten the bales to the lawnmower and I dragged a few more.  My arms were like spaghetti by then.  The older kid hauled a bunch more too.  What good kids!

The barn door had come off its pulley track, so Master had to go get the ladder and fix it with the help of all of us, in order to get the barn doors shut.  This would be simple if the door was normal door size, but you have seen big old barns.  The door is about 15-20 feet tall and weighs hundreds of pounds.  Seeing Master (or anyone) up on the ladder, especially when the wind could start really gusting at any second, makes me feel a bit panicky. 
We got it all done before the storm came.  We ate our cold chicken and some salad.  I cleaned up the kitchen and then I collapsed in a heap until bed time, when Master wanted to fuck me.  He was quick, but it felt so good to relax into pleasure after a hard day.

This morning I had to run the car into the shop right away since the only time they had was before 8:00.  At least it is fixed now: stuck caliper and hose failure. 

I'm really hoping for a nice peaceful day with no problems (cross fingers) now.



  1. Oh holy cats, what a crazy day!!! I bet you are absolutely exhausted after all that, but glad y'all got it all in and done, whew!

  2. That was one heck of a day...Great for getting all the hay in the barn!

  3. WHAT A DAY!! Glad it's all done tho, and you got the car sorted. phew!


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