Sunday, June 19, 2016

Friday Night and Saturday Morning Fun

Friday night we went over to Mystique's house for some evening hot tubbing.  That was so awesome and relaxing- even when at one point we were joined by a tiny dog! Callie didn't realize she couldn't walk on the hot tub cover like she usually does and just leaped up there.  She was quite surprised to get wet, goofy little thing!

After we got home Master treated me to some caning and face fucking and we went to sleep hot and worn out from our fun.

I was so well used that I was a little surprised at 8:30 this morning when my Master came downstairs, buck naked, and beckoned me to come back up with him.  I had been making breakfast, since I get up early and had been awake for a while already.  I turned off the bacon.

I followed him upstairs and he ordered me into bed.   The clover clamps made an appearance, again snapping at me viciously before coming to rest painfully on my nipples.   I couldn't hold off coming for long, and ended up orgasming without a command due to the pain of the clamps. For the next one he made me wait much longer, still with the clamps on.

Good times.

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