Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Weekend

I didn't get around to writing about our weekend yesterday, but here goes.

Master had the day off Saturday and we spent the morning relaxing and not doing much.  I made breakfast; he played his game.  In the afternoon we had our local munch, which took place at a hotel this month with special guest doing a talk and demo of rope suspension.  It was really good and interesting.   I have been suspended a few times, always by Mystique with Master there.  He hasn't strung me up by himself.  

After that we went to a party with some of the people from Master's work.  It was cold out, spitting rain a bit, and I'd worn only a light summer dress, so we only stayed a few hours and tried to keep me warm by walking around.  I enjoyed feeding their chickens and fussing over their dogs.  

Master was still hungry after the party (I have to say the booze there was more prominent than the food, although I ate enough potato salad to fill up.  He doesn't like potato salad).  I was too cold to drink any beer.   So on the way home we stopped at Applebees where he had a burger and I had a brownie and some vodka/coffee.    We had a trainee waitress and she was making us laugh.  Not that she was messing up, just that she kept saying funny things. Or maybe they only seemed funny to us at the time and weren't really funny.  You know those moods?

She asked us if we were going to be on the same check or splitting it, which has never, ever happened before when it was just two of us. 

Master was giving me a look like maybe we would split the check (funny how he does this with just a look) to tease me.   But then he told her to bring one check, but give it to me.  While she was standing right there, he said,

"I hope your husband doesn't find out".

I was too busy laughing to kick him under the table for trying to embarrass me.  (Not that I would do that, right? Cause that would be naughty).

Later that night playfulness turned into violence, as it so often does (yay!) and Master gave me a hard work over with the misery stick, then some wonderful fucking.  He asked me, as he does every night, if had been a good slave. This is my chance to confess anything I felt was not right during the day.  I had forgotten to make his fresh squeezed orange juice, after he'd asked for it.  He forgave me for that.  He'd forgotten he asked for it.  He clipped the leash to my collar and we slept.

In the morning I made sure squeezing some orange juice was the first thing I did.  I made some tasty scones and bacon as well.

A bit later Master lured me back upstairs and stripped me of my robe.  He asked where I could best please him, where I wanted him to come.  After making sure he really wanted my opinion, I asked to be fucked in the ass.  I'd been thinking about it for a while, kind of craving it even.  He used his fingers first to help loosen me, then he fucked me as I lay face down, biting the pillow. It still hurt, but I was quiet, and after a bit it began to feel good.  He went on quite a while, and I murmured "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass Master, oh yes!" and that sort of thing.   

When he was finished we kind of collapsed there for a while, then took a walk.  It was hot and sweaty and we walked a long way.  We did some yard work when we got back, and then just as I was thinking about shower time, a huge storm blew in, knocking many trees fell down, and our power went out.  Instead of getting cleaned up we went around dragging and cutting trees, pulling them off the fence and out of the road.  A neighbor came by with his chainsaw and helped.  His wife and baby were in the truck too. She helped as well.  

Then we went over to Mystique's house for dinner and Game of Thrones. That was fun.  
We have a lot more to do with the chainsaw next weekend.  Master asked Mystique if he could borrow hasufel. She said yes. He also has a chainsaw, plus an ATV.  We are hopefully going to grill out and make a fun day of it.


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