Monday, April 15, 2013

A Fantasy Story

He leads me to her appartment, and just before we step inside he blindfolds me.  I can't see even light and dark shadows, and the slight tremble of nerves in my stomach turns to a clench of fear.

She opens the door and I hear them exchange hellos, and kisses.  
I begin to wish I were getting a hello and a kiss, but at the same time it is exciting being something of an object that is dragged along as an after thought.   Master pulls me forward, leading me blind across the room.  He removes all but my bra and panties.  The blindfold slips down a little and I catch a glimpse of a brightly lit, spare and modern room.  He quickly fixes the blindfold and pushes me down into a chair.   He ties my arms and legs so I'm immobile and straps a gag into my mouth.  

I hear them talking and laughing a short distance away, then the rustle of clothes falling to the floor.  Slapping noises, more laughing.   They are having a good time and I can only sit, listen and imagine.  

Wet, squishy noises, moaning.

Master comes to me and removes the blindfold.  He kisses me on the head and tells me I'm his good girl.

He goes back to her, and she mounts him and rides him with abandon, her head thrown back.  She comes, moaning, and I squeeze my legs together,  desperately desiring to be touched, stroked, made to cum as well. 

He pushes her off, then takes her and fucks her from behind.  I think he is about to cum, but he pulls out, comes to me and loosens the ropes enough that he can push my head down to his cock.   The taste of condom is not my favorite, but I'm so turned on, so eager for his dick that I barely notice.  I suck him hard for as long as he'll let me, then he takes it away again.   I whimper.

He slaps me across the cheek, hard, and says "Patience, slut, I'm not done with her yet". 

He returns to her, delighting in her body, playing with her, stroking her.  He fucks her again, this time he finishes in her cunt with a shout.  

Afterward.   I'm am unbearably turned on from watching them.   He ties me again, this time standing, and brings the whip down on my back.   The pleasure and pain is excruciating.  She stands in front of me, holding and fondling me.   He whips on and on until I'm unable to hold back the waves of orgasm.  Lowered to the ground,  I lie at their feet as they dress and arrange the next meeting.  


  1. Holy Shit!!! That is a great fantasy! I think I need a minute!



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